Our team at Taraz Accounting and Immigration Services are always looking for new individuals to bring on board, to help them find a new life in a new country. Since 1995, we’ve worked extremely hard to make the immigration process, both into and departing from Canada, as straightforward as possible.

Working with individuals and families, customer service is our number one priority when helping with this relocation method. Here at Taraz Services, it’s our mission to bring families and communities together and eliminate barriers, which is why we’re the best immigration consultant office for this job. Above all else, we value honesty, satisfactory results, reliability and integrity.

We provide more than 60 channels to immigrate to Canada. Find out in one to two days whether or not you’re eligible to begin the immigration process. What do you need to do?  Just fill out the provided questionnaire and wait to see what happens. If you want to immigrate to a different country, obtain a work permit, study abroad, or need legal help, we offer it all and more.

Taraz Services is a Vancouver immigration office that works for you. It’s our mission to make sure you get the life you’ve dreamed of. Just visit our free evaluation page to determine your eligibility or give us a call to talk to a representative.