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All About Landing/Post Landing in Canada as a PR

If you are thinking about becoming a permanent resident in Canada…
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How Long Does the Canada Immigration Process Take

In 2017, just under 273,000 people immigrated to Canada. For…

New Rules for Immigrating to Canada 2018

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Everything you need to know about moving from Canada to the US

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How to Get the Temporary Visitor Visa to Canada

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Quick Ways to Immigrate to British Columbia in 2018

British Columbia is a hot spot for immigrants from all over the…
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How Family Sponsorship Immigration Works

If you are over the age of 18 and you are a Canadian citizen…
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Benefits of studying in Canada

Studying abroad in Canada can be a great opportunity to not only…

IRCC Commits to 12 Month Processing for Family Sponsorship Applications

The IRCC and the Canadian government are now committed to finalizing…
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Protecting Yourself from Fraud

You’ve decided to immigrate to Canada. Congratulations! This…