John McCallum, Federal Immigration and Citizenship Minster is convinced Canada needs to ‘substantially increase’ the quota on yearly immigrants, in order to meet the work force demand in the labour market.

The Trudeau Government has mentioned that in 2015, around 285,000 newcomers were welcomed to the country, and have high hopes to increase this number to up to 305,000 over this 2016.

During his speech at the Commerce Chamber of the Philippines in Manila, McCallum remarked the importance of increasing the number of immigrants for Canada’s growth. One of the key points is to reduce barriers to simplify the permanent resident processes to qualified applicants. Some of the main focus to adjust are:

  • Express Entry will need to be partially restructured to appeal to a wider section of professionals
  • International Students will have an easier path to become permanent residents
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), a documentation all employers need to hire foreign nationals over Canadians is also being reviewed to ease and speed the selection process

Immigration Minster McCallum is confident that all immigration processing times can be reduced dramatically by adjusting the rules and barriers.