Hong Kong is experiencing a flourishing economy and a very low unemployment rate of 3.3%. It enjoys a high GDP per capita at $38,871 USD, higher than countries like Japan, Korean, Taiwan or China. It serves as a gateway to China, and enjoys no custom and excise taxes on most imported commodities. Personal income tax is low at 15% and company income tax is only 16.5%.

Most people in Hong Kong speak English and is the language of instruction for post-secondary students. They use the British legal system as a rule of law society. Hong Kong is safe, enjoying a low crime rate of 0.2% (2011) and has no corruption in the government sector. This makes Hong Kong very attractive for English speaking travelers and immigrants. Additionally, the requirements for Immigration and Visas are less strict than for Canada or the U.S.

Amongst the benefits for those who acquire a resident visa are:

  • Free primary and secondary public education
  • Free medical service

In partnership with our Hong Kong consultants we can offer you many services such as:

  • Immigrate to Hong Kong: Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, Investment as Entrepreneur, Start-up Visa.
  • Temporary Visas: Student Visas, Temporary Work Visas, Visitor Visa

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